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July 26, 2017 06:00 AM Central Daylight Time

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Master Rig International (MRI) continues its grows and expands its product offerings into electric, controls, and automation with the recent successful acquisition and transfer of all the intellectual property, drawings, designs, plans, process, data, technical information and know-how of the former IEC Systems, established in 1982.

The former President of IEC Systems, Mike Pilkinton, stated, “Master Rig International already has an outstanding reputation for 24/7 service and quality workmanship on the mechanical side of the energy industry. We are happy to have this opportunity to join them and continue providing support to all IEC Systems’ customers, who otherwise would have been left stranded on previously purchased equipment and software. I am proud to have the supporting staff of Engineering Manager Michael Hopkins, Business Development Manager Kyle Kirkpatrick, Purchasing and Inside Sales Representative Donald Atkinson, Electrical Service Manager Wess Jenkins, Project Managers Danny Kinzer, JR Green, Kenton Joyce, Roy Jenkins, and the supporting staff who bring over 300 years of IEC Systems manufacturing and technical experience.

With the addition of over 40 team members, MRI will continue to support all current IEC Systems while moving forward with new innovative designs and manufactured products as IEC has done in the past. The purchase also made possible to provide the drilling contractors a single source for all Mechanical, Electrical, Automation, Controls, and Hydraulics needs in the field or at MRI’s facility in Houston, Texas.

The Electrical, Automation and Controls Division offers rig up services, worldwide in house and field technical support, VFD and SCR houses, drive and motor control systems, power distribution systems, independent top drive systems, automation and controls packages, I/O panels, and hydraulic systems.

LINK TO PRESS RELEASE: http://www.masterrig.com/index.php/about-us/news/master-rig-international-news/master-rig-international-purchases-iec-systems-intellectual-property


IEC Systems innovates industrial automation globally in diverse industries. Calling upon our 30+ years of experience designing, installing and supporting SCR and VFD drive systems, we deliver maximum productivity and efficiency while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.  

IEC Systems is a leader in Drives & Controls.  Drawing on our deep technical knowledge, dependable service and practical ideation, our team of engineers, project managers and service specialists are here to deliver your solution, on time and on budget. 

IEC Systems started in 1982 serving the power and control needs of drilling contractors world wide.  

Our strengths

  • Worldwide service reputation
  • Customer focused problem solvers
  • Flexible, customized solutions provider
  • Technical and operational experience – 33 years of electrical power and control systems and 7 years of hydraulic systems
  • Innovation in engineering, manufacturing and quality
  • Partnerships with our customers and our vendors. We are a GE VFD distributor. 

Industries we serve

  • Drilling
  • Completions
  • Gas Transport and Storage
  • Dredging
  • Water Management
  • LNG
  • Petrochemical
  • Marine
  • Plastics & Rubber 


  • Approximately 50,000 square feet on 4.2 acres
  • 3 overhead gantry cranes
  • Welding machine