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Company Timeline

1981 IEC Systems, later a division of IDE, was founded in 1981 by Steve Cope and was originally named EPS  

IEC Systems Corp
1981 The initial business was supplying and installing hazardous area lighting and electrical wiring for drilling rigs; first year revenues were $1.5 million 
1980s - 1990s The Company continued to grow organically by adding product lines such as motor controls, generator controls and complete rig designs
1996 IEC acquired a small SCR Drive systems company and became the 2nd largest provider of SCR drive systems in North America
2006 In 2006, Advanced Rig Services (ARS) was formed in response to a shortage of rig-up, refurbishment and modification facilities
2007 IEC began to design and manufacture the Centurion line of AC VFD systems and drillers cabins
2008 In 2008, IDE was created and the Company expanded the rig up facilities and began R&D / engineering of SPARTA and SEDS rigs; the hydraulics division was also formed in 2008
2011 All companies were consolidated under the IDE name. The company delivered its first 3 new build Sparta’s and received orders for 12 additional new build rigs
2012 IDE has expanded sales, operations, accounting, project management, manufacturing, rig-up and field services; and lean manufacturing was implemented. IDE completed merger with Emperia Acquisition Corp on 12-14-12 and is now publically traded.
2015 Rig Fabrication business is closed, company refocuses on core competencies and readopts the IEC Systems name.